ITV initially engaged Lighthouse to improve their intranet through some typical usability methods. Very quickly the project moved upstream and a wider board-level programme was initiated to create a best-in-class digital workspace within ITV.

Lighthouse undertook extensive primary research – surveys, usability testing and ethnography to enable accurate persona development.

We organised and facilitated a number of board-level workshops to explore intranet concepts to build buy-in for the design direction, and subsequenly developed the overall IA schema and detailed page-by-page concepts to move this project forward.

Penny Lawson, Director of Internal Communications at ITV said:

“We have found working with Lighthouse a highly stimulating experience. You have helped us raise our game and probe areas of user experience, process, technology and possibility that we had not been able to do before. You have been unfailingly courteous guides through the rapidly changing world of screens and buttons, providing a range of very interesting short and long term recommendations, many of which I am now confident we can achieve.”

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