Camelot is the licensed operator of the UK National Lottery, which is the is UK’s most far reaching brand – being played by approximately 70% of UK adults on a regular basis, spending on average £89m per week.

Lighthouse have been working with Camelot to overhaul its player offering on the back of its successful bid to win the third 12-year license to operate the lottery.

We have worked closely with a range of teams at Camelot to create best-in-class user experiences across a variety of channels.

Our work has included:

  • Rapid prototyping and user experience testing for a number of online gaming products
  • Researching and validating the play mechanic of new games (offline and online)
  • Designing critical systems such as the Camelot Intranet and website for retail partners

The relationship has been very effective for Camelot, who have adopted a culture of prototyping and research for all new product development or redesign.

Darren Evans, Camelot Head of Digital Media, said:

“‘I have found Lighthouse to be exceptionally professional in all that they do.   It is refreshing to see a usability company so committed to providing excellent service.  They consistently deliver the highest level of service, while at the same time offering the best solutions in time and budget.

It’s evident that these people are experts in their field and have proven themselves to be very dependable.  Never do we have to worry about supervising or managing them.  The company is very proactive and keeps good lines of communication open with us at all times.  I’ve found them to be exceptionally accommodating, willing to make whatever adjustments necessary to meet our unique needs.”

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